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            戴乐格石油技术服务(北京)有限公司成立于2011年5月26日,是由戴乐系统(亚洲)有限公司投资的外商独资企业,隶属于戴乐集团。 戴乐集团成立于1984年,总部位于马来西亚吉隆坡,在全球10多个国家和地区设有子公司或办公室。 戴乐集团在东南亚地区有着很好的市场口碑,并越来越多地得到全球其它国家和地区的客户和合作伙伴的认同。公司上市8年后,在2002年成为吉隆坡股票指数(KLCI)的成分股,也体现了市场对戴乐集团综合实力的认同。
            Since DIALOG Group Berhad (DIALOG) was founded in 1984, we have been renowned for excellence in the delivery and execution of projects and services in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

            Our successful and consistent delivery record for customers has helped DIALOG become an established and trusted technical services’ partner in providing engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance, operations, and project management services.

            Over the years, DIALOG has grown its business from an integrated technical service provider to an owner and operator of upstream marginal and mature fields; and strategically-located storage facilities, and as an offshore supply base. We have also successfully partnered and grown through strategic alliances with internationally renowned technology partners.

            The individual and collective expertise of DIALOG's staff, more than 2,500 employees in 9 countries, allows us to provide extensive specialist knowledge in a variety of disciplines in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

            DIALOG Group is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and has a market capitalisation of about RM 20 billion as at September 2018. DIALOG was included into the FBM KLCI on 18 June 2018.

            Our talent and commitment, together with continuous innovation through engineering, operation, technology and process innovation, allow us to meet our customers’ increasingly complex and technical needs.

            DIALOG’s Core Assets and Operations:

            • Petroleum, Petrochemical and LNG Storage Terminals
            • Offshore Supply Base; and
            • Marginal and Mature Oil and Gas Fields

            DIALOG's Integrated Engineering & Technical Services:

            • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, and Project Management
            • Plant Maintenance and Catalyst Handling
            • Fabrication
            • Specialist Products and Services, and Payment Software Technology and Solutions

            A Global Reach

            In addition to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our staff of more than 2,500 highly skilled employees work from offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We also serve oil and gas customers in more than six continents.

            Supporting Our Community

            We believe strongly that the more successful we become, the more we should do to support our community. Through our involvement in charitable foundation MyKasih, we are working to help break the poverty cycle in Malaysia.

            As at June 2018, DIALOG has sponsored 2,259 poor and needy families and students under the MyKasih programmes.

            Awards and Recognition

            We are regularly honoured for our technological innovations, our strong safety record, and our contributions to the community and the industries we serve.

            Our awards in recent years include:

            • Among The Edge BRC’s top companies for 2011
            • Outstanding Vendor Award, In Recognition of Outstanding Performance throughout 2011 - 2012
            • Outstanding Vendor Award, In Recognition of Outstanding Performance Throughout 2012 - 2013
            • Midstream Development of the Year Award by The Oil and Gas Year, 2013
            • 2.5 Million Manhours Without LTI for - 2014
            • 1st Place for Best HSE Performance to Dialog Catalyst Sdn Bhd - 2014
            • 2014 ZIA Contractor Award - 2014
            • “Hurt Free’ Recognition Award - 2015
            • Achievement of 5 million manhours without LTI for SK 316 NC3 Gas Development Project - 2015

            Company Values

            Thanks to the support of our partners, shareholders and customers, we’ve grown tremendously in business, size and reach over the last several decades. And throughout that time, we’ve held fast to the values of consistently honouring our quality and delivery excellence — as well as protecting the health and safety of our employees, the community, and the environment.

            Our people make a difference in the delivery and execution of our work. We continuously invest in training and development of our employees, to improve their skills and alignment to our corporate goals and vision. Our partners and customers can rely on the talent and commitment provided for by our professionals.

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